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About Us

First understand the relationship's demand and need well

Everything we do here, we do from the premise that we first properly understand the question/need of the relationship. After all, you can only really achieve results when you know exactly what drives or wants your relationships. If we know that, then we can get on the same wagon. Once we are on the same wagon, we can tune in and keep our finger on the pulse. 

People sometimes ask me whether we are a very formal organization, and I often say that we are and we are not. We are not so formal in our contacts and dealings, but we are in our work. This is done to perfection.

"You can ultimately achieve results only when you know exactly what moves your relationships."

HIPC Group Icoon

HIPC Group was at the basis of building the choice budget system in AFAS Profit. We built this for the graphics industry in the AFAS payroll system and this was embraced by AFAS Software and further developed into what it is today, available for all industries.


We were also one of the founders of the recognized advisory service within the insurance industry. This includes the complete advisory process from risk inventory to policy management. The latter, of course, without commission. In this last example, we also frequently consulted with the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets).

Ook zijn wij actief op social media platforms als LinkedIn, Instagram en Facebook. Klik op deze knop om naar onze socials te gaan.

Our core values

Complete focus on the company


We value good connections inside and outside the organization. We feel personally involved with each other and with our clients. Not only on a business level, but also on a personal level. In execution, we strive to keep everyone on the same page. We believe that a pleasant cooperation leads to the best solution and are happy to invest in it.


Our goal is for our solutions to excel in simplicity and user-friendliness. That is why we do everything possible to find the best solution together. This is based on our proactive, investigative and collaborative approach. The wishes and needs of our customers are central to us and form the basis for appropriate solutions.


We believe that things can always be done more efficiently. That is why we are always asking ourselves: can it be done better? We are an entrepreneurial team dedicated to finding creative and progressive solutions. That's why we make sure we stay on top of the latest developments and trends. This makes our solutions progressive and innovative.

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