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"After all, you can only truly achieve results when you know exactly what motivates your relationships."

Yes, if you look at it closely, it is. After all, there are risks you can't run yourself. To come to a good advice you have to look beyond just a policy. We discuss all aspects that play a role in determining the level of risk. And then it turns out that things can often be done differently! Has your interest been piqued?

Insurance is more than a policy

Isn't it a necessary evil?

Sustainable Employability

Sustainable Employability as a result of the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter an employer is obliged to have an active reintegration policy. HIPC Group Insurance believes that this service should provide comprehensive support in the reintegration of sick employees. Everything aimed at sustainable employability of staff. The employer and employee can get information and advice from us on topics related to reintegration. We work closely with our colleagues from Healthcare by whom you can be supported in the implementation of the Gatekeeper Act. If a reintegration activity mentioned in the plan makes a substantial contribution to limiting the length of absence, compensation can be granted as a contribution to the costs.

Collectieve Ziektekostenverzekering

Wij nodigen u uit om deel te nemen aan onze Collectieve Ziektekostenverzekering, waarbij efficiëntie en voordeel hand in hand gaan. Het aanmeldingsproces is versimpeld voor uw gemak. Bezoek onze aanmeldingspagina door de knop hier onder, en volg de duidelijke stappen om uw aanmelding te voltooien. Kies vandaag voor een zorgeloze toekomst met onze Collectieve Ziektekostenverzekering.

Other costs may include: 'Recourse

When your employee is unable to work due to the fault of another, your wage costs continue to accrue. Fortunately, you can recover these wage damages from the liable party. But what damages can you and cannot recover? Here is a brief overview of your options:

  • The cause is liable

  • Recovering costs is worthwhile

  • Reintegration costs are also reimbursed

"Our risk scan provides a clear picture of the current risk situation in your organization."

Business continuity

The Business Package developed by Insurance/JFC is for small and medium-sized businesses. Companies can cover all necessary risks in the field of Liability, Absenteeism, WIA, Care, Disability, Buildings, Inventory, Business Damage and Cybercrime in one go. All this to ensure business continuity. The entrepreneur determines the composition of the Business Package. The package has an appropriate solution for every business risk

We often tackle this in consultation with our colleagues from HRM & Payroll and Healthcare. Basically, you pay for the advice we provide, but we challenge ourselves. What this challenge looks like, we are happy to tell you.

Our risk scan gives a good picture of the current risk situation in your organization. Using a questionnaire, we take stock of how the insurance portfolio is structured. This survey leads to an advisory plan. The results from this plan form a good basis for possible savings and efficiency opportunities.

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